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Agra Wildlife Tour

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Wildlife SOS was established in 1995 by a small group of individuals inspired to start a movement and make lasting change to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forests and wildlife wealth. Although Wildlife SOS is mainly known for our work with ‘dancing bears’ we also have active projects to help leopards, elephants, reptiles and other animals.  We also work on various projects targeted at environment and biodiversity conservation, as well as, reducing our carbon footprint. Most known for rescuing more than 600 ‘Dancing Bears,’ & to protect the Asiatic Black Bear, sometimes known as the Moon Bear. From habitat protection to anti-poaching work, they work hard to protect bears across the country.

The Agra Bear Rescue Facility is now open for visitors.  They have just completed a new Education Conservation Walkway, the first of its kind in India.  So, please come and meet some of their bears and learn about their conservation efforts in India. Here are some of the details you need to know for planning your trip.

The center is open 7 days a week during daylight hour’s sunrise to sunset.

Tour duration: 02 Hours

Agra bear rescue facility is located inside Sur Sarovar Bird Santuary, Keetam, Agra. If you are driving from Delhi, the bear rescue facility is 16 km before Agra and 12 km before Sikandra Fort on the main Delhi-Agra road.