Taj Mahal Moon Light Tour

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Taj Mahal Moon Light Tour

    Duration : 1 Night & 2 Days
    Destination Covered : Agra

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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is built around the year 1631 and the massive amount of workers and laborers were involved to complete this grand project. Nearly 22 years were given by 22,000 laborers and 1000 elephants to create this awe inspiring building. The building is the symbol of love which Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan possessed for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The building is solely made from white marble which is believed to be brought from nearly every part of India and Central Asia. The complete construction of the Taj Mahal took place in the year 1653 and took nearly 32 million rupees approximately to build this grand monument. The Taj Mahal bagged the place among the Seven Wonders of the World and also declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The whole building is designed in Mughal style and is a perfect example of Mughal style of architecture. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is said to be at its peak in the dawn and at night. It is said that the white marble glimmers in the moonlight to make it the most beautiful and amazing thing one has ever laid eyes on. Taj Mahal is famous for the intricate marble trellis and the symmetrical shape. It has the dome in the shape of the onion. The minarets are mightly high and look so massive and huge but also extremely beautiful in sight and shape. The gardens of the Taj Mahal are lush green and look extremely gorgeous. Now imagine this scenic beauty will be multiplied ten times when the moonlight will illuminate the pure white marble and make it so luminescent that one would lose themselves in its beauty. Taj Mahal Moon Light Tour is an amazing opportunity for you to visit the Taj Mahal at the time when it is the most beautiful. It is a sight worth watching. One would not ever regret viewing this sight and the time and efforts spent to make this event possible.

Night Viewing of the Taj Mahal

From the date 28th of November, 2004 the night viewing of Taj Mahal has been allowed officially. One can visit the Taj Mahal for a total of five nights in a full month which includes a Full Moon night and two days hence and two days prior to it except on Fridays and the month of the Ramadan according to the order of the Honourable Supreme Court of India. The Taj Mahal is allowed to be viewed at night from 8:30 p.m to 12:30 p.m in batches of eight of 50 persons for a small duration of five hours. If you want to visit the Taj Mahal at night you have to first visit and report at Shilpagram complex at least half an hour before the viewing time. One has to be really careful with the timings and be there on time at the Shilpagram Complex. The entry inside the complex of Taj Mahal is only allowed via the Eastern Gate of the Taj Mahal. The entry at the Eastern Gate is allowed after a thorough security check. After that the visitors have to submit any luggage which they are carrying at the counter. The counter will not charge you any fees for the safekeeping of the luggage. Video cameras are strictly prohibited inside of the Taj Mahal at the time of the night and hence one should not carry any camera with them for the security purposes. For the tickets of the Moon Light Tour one has to first go to the Booking Counter for the issue of the tickets. This Booking Counter is situated in the office of the Archaeological Survey of India, Agra Circle, 22 The Mall, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. But one has to keep in mind that tickets has to be booked in advance in between 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. one day in advance to the day you are going for the Taj Mahal Moon Light Tour. So one should definitely keep in mind this fact and should definitely remember to book the tickets to be a part of this enthralling and surreal experience. It will definitely be something to lay eyes on and will leave you in awe of this beautiful experience. This will help you create the memories which are going to be a part of you for forever